Welcome to the Agile Marketing Alliance

Bringing Together the Global Community of Agile Marketers

What is the Agile Marketing Alliance?

Our Big Purpose

To bring together a global community of people who are passionate about Agile marketing to learn, share, and grow together so that we can be better marketers, advance our careers, and rediscover the joy of marketing.

How It Works

Members Get Access To

  • Other marketers like you who are working to adapt Agile to marketing and achieve marketing agility
  • Mini-courses on topics like What is Agile Marketing, How to adapt Scrum to Marketing, How to use Kanban to improve your workflows, and more
  • Groups around the world, organized by interest or by geography
  • The Resource Hub, which includes articles, user stories, research, templates, tips and tricks, and other content related to Agile marketing
  • Regular events and workshops

What Our Members Say

Melissa Reeve 

"The Agile Marketing Alliance connects me to Agile marketing visionaries and practitioners alike. I learn something new every day!"

Jim Ewel

"The Agile Marketing Alliance is more than great content (although it is that too). It's a place for like-minded marketers to gather, learn, and support each other."

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a member of the Agile Marketing Alliance?

The Agile Marketing Alliance is currently in the Beta stage. If you are interested in being part of the Beta group, request to join. We have a limited number of spots, but if we don't admit you initially, don't worry. When we have more spots, we'll honor your request to join.

What is the Agile Marketing Alliance?

The Agile Marketing Alliance is a group of individuals who are passionate about furthering the practice of Agile marketing. Agile marketing takes a small-batch, test-and-learn approach to creating and delivering value for our internal and external customers.

Do I have to pay to become a member of the Agile Marketing Alliance?

Our main goal is to build and serve the Agile marketing community. During the Alpha and Beta phases, we will be taking a look at the value propositions and overall membership structure. While in Alpha and Beta, there is no cost to join or participate. 

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